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Founder Of UniTutie
Sri Yuliastuti, SE.AK.

IKM/SME Uni Tutie

Uni Tutie produces authentic Indonesia food using selected ingredients and high quality natural spices.

At the end of 2015, we started the food industry assisted by one worker. Located in Depok City, Southern of Jakarta.

As people easily travel to other countries and change lifestyles, packaged foods will be sought after by people because of their practicality.

Rendang is the right choice because it is famous as the world’s most delicious food, so it’s worth selling high to be marketed in other countries.

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Rendang Daging

One of the favorite rendang variants not only in Indonesia but in the world. With soft meat, a distinctive taste of Bukittinggi, a spicy flavor that makes you unwilling to stop to taste Rendang Uni Tutie

Rendang Paru

Rendang made with the basic ingredients of beef lung. Rendang is usually made with beef, but on the beef lung rendang it take more longer to cook with more seasoning and coconut milk to produce a more delicious beef lung rendang

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Our Customers

Local  : Housewives, entrepeuners, students, pilgrims, vegetarian travelers, , backpackers, expatriates, Indonesia cuisine lovers, halal food seekers, Indonesia souvenir shops, catering business reaturants and supermarkets.

International : Indonesia cuisine lovers, traveler, halal food seekers, Indonesia diasporas, Indonesian shop

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