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About rendang is a food that is often consumed by many people. It is a Minangkabau dish made from meat, the origin of this food is precisely in West Sumatra. It dishes are produced from a low-temperature cooking process, which takes a very long time.

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about rendang

You should know about rendang?

Rendang is a type of food that requires a cooking process of about 4 hours. So, there is meat that has been cut in dark black with bran. At room temperature, it will last for weeks.

Therefore, It is cooked in a shorter time like rendang which is cooked for a long time. Ripe it is characterized by dry and brown coconut milk. While It is cooked in a short time, it is generally not dry and is light golden brown in color.

Popularity Rendang

Rendang is very popular, because it can be found in Padang restaurants around the world. This dish is popular in other Southeast Asian countries, one of which is Malaysia and Singapore. It is served in various traditional ceremonies and special equipment, if in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin.

Rendang is a traditional Minangkabau dish that has its own cooking technique. Cooking techniques and the choice of using it seasoning certainly vary by region. It was once crowned as a dish that was ranked first out of the 50 most delicious dishes in the world.

Rendang Basic Ingredients

Rendang is a dish that is rich in the best spices. It usually uses coconut milk and a mixture of various typical spices that are mashed. The typical spice mixture consists of spice ingredients used by the Minangkabau people.

The uniqueness of rendang is obtained from the use of natural spices that are antiseptic and kill pathogenic bacteria. The antiseptic properties of natural herbs have very strong antimicrobial activity. Of course, it is not surprising that it can be stored for one week to 4 weeks.

Cooking Time for Rendang

Rendang has a cooking process that takes hours. Therefore, cooking it requires more time and patience. The pieces of meat are cooked with spices and coconut milk in a very precise heat.

The pieces of meat are then stirred slowly until the coconut milk and spices can be absorbed by the meat. If the dish has boiled, of course the fire will be reduced and constantly stirred until the coconut milk thickens and becomes dry. The sign of the seasoning being fully absorbed is the coconut milk that dries without mashing or crushing the meat.

The length of time for cooking rendang is called the cooking process, which is known in modern culinary arts as caramelization. The use of various types of spices in it makes it known to have a complex and very unique taste.

The almost cooked it has the color of dried coconut milk with a dark flesh color. If the rendang you have already has a dark color, then you can serve it. You can serve it with rice rames complete with curry sauce.

Rendang is something you should know if you like it. It should be noted that lace has a special position in Minangkabau culture. The philosophy of itfor the Minang community is deliberation and consensus.

Therefore, it consists of four main ingredients that symbolize the integrity of the Minang community. If you want to enjoy the best rendang, then you can buy it through wa 081286059255 or online stores available on the website https://rendangunitutie.com. The address is very easy to reach, because it is located on Jalan Grand Depok Residence Blok Anggrek No. 109 Tanah Baru, Beji, Depok, Indonesia.

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