Beef Rendang Recipe This Is The Best

Beef Rendang Recipe? This is the best for those of you who like the typical cuisine of West Sumatra. Rendang is not only famous in Indonesia but also abroad. Even rendang can now be enjoyed in practical packaging alias canned.

No one has ever been able to resist the delicacy and deliciousness of this beef dish. The beef, which is rich in Padang spices, makes this dish always a favorite. Although now you can easily buy it at a Padang restaurant.

beef rendang recipe

Beef Rendang is indeed very easy for you to enjoy anywhere and anytime, but there are differences in taste. Even though the rendang maker comes from the same city aka Padang, it doesn’t guarantee the same taste. Moreover, the rendang recipe is not just about cooking meat with spices.

There are things you need to pay attention to when you want to make delicious rendang meat that is also durable. Moreover, now there are also those who offer services or sell ready-to-eat rendang, aka instant. Here are things you need to pay attention to before executing the beef rendang recipe.

Pay attention to the beef that you buy and will process, buy specifically for rendang so it is not too tough and has no fat. If it’s too tough, it will take a lot of time to cook. Likewise, if there is too much fat, it will affect the delicacy of the rendang.
Cooking time is one of the keys to the deliciousness and longevity of the rendang. Although everyone knows that cooking rendang takes a long time.
Cook according to the recommended time so that the spices seep into the beef. In addition, by cooking for the right time, the rendang will last longer. Use your own concoction instead of instant spices or those you buy in the market. Currently, there are many instant spices available in supermarkets as well as ground spice sellers in the market. Even though it’s easier, it feels so much different than making it yourself.
If you’ve done all that but it still doesn’t work, there’s one more method you can use. You can order ready-to-eat rendang at or The best beef rendang is ready to be delivered and you can eat it anytime

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