Rendang From Indonesia, What’s Interesting Facts

Rendang is often one of the foods that are targeted in various restaurants or restaurants. Rendang is a type of Indonesian culinary that is quite popular to foreign countries. Gordon Ramsay evidenced beef rendang when he went to West Sumatra where he was challenged to make beef rendang.

Besides being delicious to eat, there are some interesting facts about rendang from Indonesia. Here you can see the full review, including:

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What Are Interesting Facts About Rendang From Indonesia?

  1. Cooked for a Long Time

Rendang will taste better if cooked for a long time, for example for 24 hours. That way, the taste will certainly not be the same as rendang which is only cooking for about 4 hours.

Besides being delicious, cooking rendang for a long time and on a low heat will also make it last longer. Because, the coconut oil that comes out functions as a natural preservative.

  • Mandatory Menu During Ramadan

The marandang tradition or commonly called cooking is an activity that is routinely carried out when welcoming the month of Ramadan, people in various regions in Indonesia, especially for the people of Padang.

So you don’t need surprised if one or two days before the fasting month, the home kitchens of the Padang people are very busy making it. Because they will never separated from rendang cuisine when the holy month of Ramadan arrives. This delicious dish is a menu that must be on the dining table at dawn or iftar.

Beef From Indonesia Delivery Increases When Eid Al-Fitr

An interesting fact from the next rendang is that this food is not only a mandatory menu during Ramadan. Usually for parents in the Padang area they will send the rendang they made to their children or relatives who are wandering outside the Padang or outside Sumatra. .

And not only that, deliveries for culinary businessmen who serve this menus for their businesses are also increasing. They will get more customers when the month of Ramadan arrives and just before Eid.

For delivery of beef rendang out of town, it will usually wrap in plastic packaging and closed very tightly, then it will put in a box. This is so that the shipment is not easily damage.

  • Rich in Spices

And what’s interesting about it is that it has quite a lot of seasoning, which uses spices that have a myriad of benefits for our bodies. For example, cinnamon can lower blood pressure and provide a sweet taste without having to use too much sugar.

In addition, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent inflammation in the body that may occur and is also very effective in relieving pain and swelling for arthritis sufferers.

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