Beef Rendang Ingredients Top 3

What makes Rendang become the most delicious food you can enjoy while traveling to Indonesia? The answer is the beef rendang ingredients. This food is made with a special combination of ingredients. Now, if you plan to cook Rendang, here we have tips and references about the ingredients you can use in your Rendang recipe.

beef rendang ingredients

The Meat

You can use various types of cuts of beef. However, for the best result, use only the lean meat of the rear leg of the cow. To be more précised, use the top part of the leg. It is also known as round beef. This type of beef cut is a perfect choice for the slow-cooking method of the Rendang recipe.

The Chili 

As for the chili, use red fresh chilies. You may know it as Cayenne Pepper. Some people may remove its seed to reduce its spiciness. However, we do not recommend that. Keep the seeds. The slow cooking method will reduce its spiciness level. Moreover, the spicy taste is the core of the beef rendang ingredients. So, it is wrong to remove it. It only reduces the deliciousness of Rendang.

Kaffir Lime Leaves

This ingredient is another core ingredient of Rendang. Without it, the Rendang will lose its earthy lime flavor, which is one of the signature tastes of Rendang. Interestingly, there is no other ingredient that can substitute kaffir lime leaves to produce that earthy taste. So, get this ingredient when you plan to cook Rendang.

Other Beef Rendang Ingredients

Onion is also essential to give the extra kick. And, do not forget the coconut milk. For the best result, use fresh coconut milk to let the meat absorb all the spices and taste. It will also produce the authentic taste of Rendang you can only find in Indonesia. Now, get all beef rendang ingredients and try it yourself.

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