Dubai Expo 2020 Indonesian Pavilion

Dubai expo 2020 is a series of World Expos which are held every five years, where this Expo is the oldest and largest event in the world. The most prestigious event at the world level is followed in almost all countries. Which is to display various kinds of innovations, potentials, and ideas so that they can work together.

Expo 2020 Dubai is open from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Each country participating in this Expo has its own pavilion. Indonesia is one of the countries participating in this event.

dubai expo 2020

What are the Interesting Facts about the Indonesian Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020?

  1. Nearly 180,000 People Visited

The Indonesian Pavilion was dressed very beautifully at the Dubai Expo 2020. Visitors can enjoy a variety of very interesting dishes. From the past, of course, always brought Indonesia to become one of the largest trading and economic powers in the world.

The Indonesian Pavilion managed to attract the visitors who attended. Which is now even though it has not been 2 months since this event was held, but the Indonesian pavilion has been visited by nearly 180,000 people. And of course it will continue to grow until this event is over.

  • Visited By School Children

Another interesting fact is that most of the visitors are school children, from kindergarten to high school level. They were very enthusiastic about entering the pavilion one by one accompanied by the teacher.

Due to limited time, not all pavilions can be visited in one day. But, with this expo taking place for quite a long time, of course they have the opportunity to visit again at any time.

  • Showing the uniqueness of the archipelago

Indonesian Pavilion

The Indonesian Pavilion offers some great exhibits. Starting from culinary, night markets, and image projections of endemic Indonesian animals. So visitors will be very spoiled by the various exhibitions.

Several MSME products at the Dubai Expo were an opportunity for Indonesia to showcase its MSME products. There are more than 300 products that will display at the event. The venue from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. For every week, there will be a change of MSME products on display.

  • Most Wanted Rendang

One of the things that attracts visitors is the presence of food which is packaged very attractively. In this place, visitors can enjoy various kinds of Indonesian specialties, be it food or drinks.

The most ordered food is beef rendang. In addition, there are fried rice and fried noodles which are also in great demand. One of the representatives of Indonesia at the Dubai Expo 2020 event is Rendang Union Tutie. Which Uni Tutie Rendang is one example of black rendang. There are several variants that can select according to taste. For those of you who want to enjoy this rendang, you don’t need to worry, because the rendang in this place does not contain preservatives, so it is very safe. Rendang uni tutie is also available in various other countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, America, Brunei, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the city of Dubai.

Dubai Expo 2020 is a series of events from the world expo, which is usually held every five years, with different locations or alternating from one country to another.

Meanwhile, the 2020 world expo will be held in Dubai. Although it was delayed, in 2021 Dubai Expo 2020 was finally held. Which has been open since October 1, 2021 and closed on March 31, 2022.

This is the oldest event as well as the largest in the world. This very prestigious event is always attended by almost all countries in the world, to showcase various innovations, potentials, and ideas so that they can cooperate with each other between countries.

Where is the location of the Indonesian Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020?

Please note that Expo 2020 Dubai is located less than 35 km southwest of downtown Dubai and is very strategically located between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This site is located at Al Maktoum International Airport which is the area of Dubai Investment Park and Jebel Ali industry.

Each country certainly has its own pavilion to introduce various things such as products, food, art, and so on. And for the Indonesian pavilion itself

The distance from the airport is about 20 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport, about 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport, and about 1 hour from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The address of the Indonesian Pavilion is: Republic of Indonesia Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai PO BOX 601907 Dubai – UAE. You can visit the Indonesian pavilion by getting to know various things about Indonesia, which are presented very majestically in this pavilion.

This Indonesian Pavilion consists of 3 floors which in the Opportunity zone has a land area of about 1,860 m2. The Indonesian Pavilion carries the theme Transforming Future Civilization Through Innovations and Diversity.

Each floor has a different but interrelated story, which is presented in a futuristic, interactive, and entertainment way. The Indonesian Pavilion is designed in a very attractive futuristic way with a mix of various traditional motifs.

It is hoped that this Indonesian pavilion can become the face of Indonesia for the future, with various beyond technology, innovations, and always in harmony with local wisdom.

One of the representatives of traditional Indonesian food who took part in this magnificent event was Rendang Uni Tutie. Because rendang is one of the world’s most popular Indonesian foods. So don’t be surprised if rendang is one of the types of food on display at the Dubai Expo 2020.

Rendang Uni Tutie is a ready-to-eat wet rendang wrapped in a very practical package, and is available in travel packs as well as family sizes.

For those of you who live outside Indonesia, you don’t need to worry if you want to buy this very popular rendang. Because Uni Tutie rendang is also available in various countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, America, Brunei, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the city of Dubai.

That was all that could be explained about the Location of the Indonesia Dubai Expo 2020 Pavilion, I hope this article is useful.

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