2 Fact Beef Rendang Recipe Philippines

Beef rendang recipe Philippines is a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, from Filipinos to other Filipinos. Indonesian citizens living in the Philippines will certainly miss their homeland’s cuisine, one of which is rendang. The presence of a restaurant that provides beef rendang recipe Philippines is the best restaurant that is loved by many people.

beef rendang recipe philippines

What are the 2 fact beef rendang recipe Philippines?

Restaurant in the Philippines is a restaurant located in Makati, Metro Manila, the name of the restaurant is Garuda. Some Indonesian citizens are familiar with the name and logo of the restaurant, this is not surprising because the logo is the Garuda logo.

The restaurant is a Padang Garuda food franchise located in Indonesia. This restaurant in the Philippines, is a restaurant that provides rendang. So that many Indonesian people claim to be able to taste Indonesian cuisine only at this restaurant.

The Francis restaurant is located in the Philippines, made especially for those in the Philippines to experience Indonesian cuisine. This was stated directly by the manager of the Garuda restaurant in Makati. As we know, there are not many Indonesian restaurants in the Philippines.

The lack of Indonesian restaurants in the Philippines makes restaurant operations managers have ideas. The idea was to set up a restaurant, like the Garuda restaurant that was founded in the Philippines.

Garuda Restaurant in Manilla is a restaurant that offers the Philippines’ beef rendang recipe and is only here to pamper the tongues of the Indonesian people. The restaurant is located right across from the embassy of the republic of Indonesia in Manila.

The restaurant that just opened is very famous and has two chefs from Indonesia. The 2 chefs who come from Indonesia are very useful for maintaining the authenticity of the taste of rendang. Please note, that the restaurant manager had the idea to set up this restaurant so that rendang could be known by many people.

Beef rendang is the restaurant’s best-selling dish, although there is also satai or meat martabak. As for the Filipinos prefer beef stew, which in Indonesia is more familiarly called as stew. Rendang is most similar to beef stew, although the texture is much spicier and cooked with coconut milk.

Filipinos are surprised that Indonesia has food like rendang. The popularity of Indonesian food is when in the Philippines, besides Garuda’s favorite food, it also serves other menus such as fried chicken, bakwan, fried noodles, and stir-fried bean sprouts.

Please note that currently Garuda has not received a halal certificate because it provides alcoholic beverages. However, including food ingredients such as chicken and meat, it is guaranteed to be halal.

According to the manager of this restaurant, the three most visitors to the restaurant were from the Philippines, Indonesia and India. Apart from that, there are also expiry dates from China and Korea who want to try Indonesian specialties made from the Philippines’ beef rendang recipe.

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