5 Facts Gordon Ramsay Beef Rendang

Gordon Ramsay Beef Rendang is the best rendang made by renowned chefs. Gordon Ramsay is a list of names in the world, and had the opportunity to visit West Sumatra in person. This chef has proven that he can cook one of Indonesia’s mainstay dishes, one of which is beef rendang.

What are 5 facts about Gordon Ramsay Beef Rendang?

Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef, he then decided to cook rendang in his own way. After having the opportunity to visit West Sumatra, he cooked rendang accompanied by a legendary Indonesian chef.

gordon ramsay beef rendang

The legendary Indonesian chef is William Wongso, it has been proven that he is a chef who has the nickname rendang diplomat. This time we will discuss about 5 unique facts about Gordon Ramsay. As we all know, rendang meat has a delicacy that is recognized by the world community.

The delicacy contained in rendang meat, makes this Minang cuisine the most delicious food in the world.

William and Ramsay Cooking – gordon ramsay beef rendang

William is a chef who accompanies a British chef to cook rendang, the two of them cook together. William cooks rendang in the traditional way for about 8 hours, while Ramsay himself has his own cooking technique in another way.

Ramsay’s Unique Way of Cooking

Ramsay is a chef who chooses beef tenderloin which is rarely used for the base of rendang. In the cooking process, Ramsay chooses to burn the meat first so that it caramelizes. Furthermore, from what has been cooked by the British chef, it is mixed with rendang seasoning which was cooked the day before.

In addition to cooking beef rendang, Ramsay decides to cook fish rendang and eggplant chili sauce. As for the results of Ramsay’s cooking, it was very tasty, this was stated directly by the Governor of West Sumatra.

Ramsay Takes For A Walk

The British chef was not only invited to cook rendang, because Ramsay was also invited to the place where Bika was made, to follow Pacu Jawi, and to eat durian. Ramsay is also interested in dadiah, a West Sumatran yogurt that does not use yeast for fermentation.

William then hopes that the opportunity to cook with Ramsay happens again. Because, it is the opening door for Indonesian cuisine to be better known to the world. If you are interested in buying, then you can buy via WhatsApp https://wa.me/6281286059255, you can also buy it at the online store on the website https://rendangunitutie.com.

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